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Arm Exercises Without Weights
Arm Exercises With Weights
Totally Toned Arms in 21 Days
Get Toned and Sexy Arms
Slendertone System for Arms



How to Tone Up Flabby Arms

Flabby arms are embarrassing especially if you like wearing strappy dresses or sleeveless tops.

Tone flabby arms with these simple arm toning exercises.

There are two reasons for flabby arms, one is being overweight and you will have to address this as well, but it’s not the only reason.

The other reason is loss of tone to the muscle at the back of your arm, the tricep muscle, and there are many women who are slight in build that also suffer from flabby arms, especially as they get older.

How to tone up flabby arms
How To Tone Up Flabby Arms

Flabby arms can be caused by excessive weight but if you lose weight by dieting alone or do not do arm exercises as you grow older then you will inevitably end up with loose and soft muscles in your arms. Muscles that are not used on a regular basis quickly become soft whether you are overweight or not.

So it's not only people who are overweight who are wondering how to tone up flabby arms.

Here's what the experts say:

Rylan Duggan, a Women's Fitness Expert and author of Go Sleeveless, has this to say: 'Even some of the leanest women in showbiz have bat wing arms and droopy skin because they have neglected to build and tone the muscles in their arms'. Rylan also warns: 'If you only ever focus on losing body fat, your arms will look worse!'

Rylan Duggan is the expert quoted in much of the media coverage concerning Michelle Obama, and in 'Totally Toned Arms in 21 Days', he offers his 21-day program to get those sleek and sexy arms for yourself. If you want toned arms, then it's a must read!

You will discover the secrets Michelle Obama used to have totally toned and sexy arms. Rylan Duggan says: "Obama's arms are popular because she's not too skinny and she's not overly muscled. She's lean and toned yet still feminine."


Rylan also has three simple steps to help you get toned and sexy arms you can proudly show off in strappy dresses and sleeveless tops.


Exercise to Get Rid of Flabby Arms Video

Rylan Duggan has 3 quick and easy exercises to help you get rid of flabby arms:

Flabby Arms Exercises

Most instructions on how to tone up flabby arms assume you are overweight, my exercises for toning up flabby arms focus on one target – and that is how to tone up flabby arm muscles.

If you are carrying fat on your arms, you will have to address this too because your beautiful toned arm muscles will be hidden from view. Take a look at Fat Burning Exercise for tips on burning off fat and toning up at the same time.

You don’t have to look overweight either to carry fat on your upper arms, even if you are quite slim you can still have fat pockets and this is called being skinny-fat. If your arms are flabby then it’s a good indication that the rest of your body is un-toned as well.

The muscles at the back of the top your arms are no different to any other muscles in your body but you have to use them to keep them toned. The problem is they can be extremely hard to get to.

Before I give you any tips on how to tone up flabby arm muscles it’s a good idea to understand how muscles in general work and interact with each other.

Muscles are there to move your bones and they fall into two groups. One group of muscles shortens as the other group lengthens to allow the joint to flex and they work in pairs in tandem with each other.

Strengthening the muscles on the back of your arms alone is going to be difficult because isolating one group of muscles (spot toning) doesn’t work.

Using weights to add resistance will also build up the muscles on top of your arm as they work hard to shorten. Many women worry that using exercises with weights will make them look too muscled but the truth is it takes years of dedication to build up muscles like a weightlifter.

So you won’t end up with bulging biceps unless you work extremely hard to get them and then work hard to keep them. This is a full time job for professional weightlifters so it’s not going to happen to you by accident.

Lifting weights will speed up the process and make toning of your arm muscles quicker and easier.

If you do want to tone up your arms using weights then watch this 5 minute Tone Body Arms Workout Video here.

There are several flabby arms exercises without weights you can do to tone up your arms and how fast your arms tone up depends largely on how often you do them.


Flabby Arms Exercises Without Weights


Flabby Arms Exercise 1

Stand with feet shoulder width apart, step forward with one foot and bend slightly at the knees. Hold your arms a little away from your sides, bend your arms at the elbow, form fists with your hands and hold your fists at chin level.

You should now be in a boxer stance.

Punch the air in front of you alternately with each fist so that your arms extend to their full length at shoulder level and you twist at the waist. Keep your arms up at shoulder level and count 20 energetic punches.

Without stopping, look up and punch the air above your head in the same way. Extend your arms to their full length and feel those muscles stretch. Put as much energy into it as you can and count 20 punches.

Return to punching the air in front of you for another 20 repetitions and then above your head again.

You should aim for 3 sets of each and increase to 5 sets as your stamina improves. This is also a good cardio exercise because it will get your heart pumping.

For more Flabby Arms Exercises without weights click here.



Flabby Arm Exercises With Weights

I have found doing 8 – 12 repetitions with weights 4 – 8 pounds each produces the long toned arm muscles most women are looking for as apposed to using much heavier weights for shorter workouts which will produce the muscular results found in weight lifters.

To watch a 5 minute workout video for toning your arms with weights and more toning tips click here.


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Totally Toned Arms in 21 Days

How to Have Totally Toned Arms Like Michelle Obama in 21 Days.

Personal trainers everywhere are being asked the same question, "How do I get totally toned arms like Michelle Obama?"

Read more to discover her secret: Totally Toned Arms in 21 Days


Get Toned and Sexy Arms in 3 Simple Steps

Whether you are dressed for the office, the gym, or a night out on the town, your arms are on show for everyone to see.

If you want to get toned and sexy arms, then you need a program that will burn fat, build muscle, and raise your metabolism all at the same time; while putting specific attention on the arms to bring out maximum definition and sculpting.

Read more: Get Toned and Sexy Arms in 3 Simple Steps


Slendertone System Garment for Arms

This clever garment will help you tone up flabby arms the easy way, and you will soon feel confident wearing sleeveless dresses and strappy tops again. Now you can have toned and defined arms without having to visit the gym.

Read more: Slendertone System Garment for Arms


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Arm Exercises Without Weights
Arm Exercises With Weights
Totally Toned Arms in 21 Days
Get Toned and Sexy Arms
Slendertone System for Arms

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