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How To Feel Good Naked

How confident are you when it comes to being naked?

Sadly, a lot of women agonize about their bodies and revealing all can be a traumatic experience.

If you need tips, tricks and beauty secrets to help you make the most of yourself and feel good naked, you've come to the right place.

How To Feel Good Naked
How To Feel Good Naked

How to Feel Good Naked Tip 1

Firstly, if you want to feel good naked you must be happy in your own skin.

The best way to do this is to look after your skin with a good skin care routine so that you bring out its natural beauty.

Exfoliate regularly to remove dead skin cells and give your circulation a boost, this will encourage new skin cells at the same time. Encouraging new skin cells will give your skin a younger, fresher look.

Always moisturize using a good moisturizer and pay special attention to dry areas such as elbows, knees and feet.  Take your time and massage the moisturizer right into your skin.  Massaging not only helps your circulation it also helps to smooth out bumps and wrinkles and enhances your natural beauty.  Olive oil will give your skin a luxurious look as well as making it soft and supple to touch.  As the surface of your skin improves and you get to know your body better you will begin to feel better naked.

Remove unsightly hairs from your legs, under your arms and tidy up your bikini line, or go the whole hog and go for a Brazilian wax.

Eating a balanced diet to maintain healthy skin from the inside will benefit your natural beauty.  Oily fish and vegetables will do wonders for your nails, hair and teeth as well as providing fish oils and vitamins for your skin.

Your hair is your crowning glory especially if you want to feel good naked, have it trimmed regularly and keep it clean, well conditioned and healthy.


How to Feel Good Naked Tip 2

Secondly, to feel good naked you have to decide which your best asset is and show it off to the best advantage.  Stand naked in front of a tall mirror and take a good, long look at yourself.  Now be honest with yourself here.

Standing straight on is not always the best pose, experiment by turning slowly and watching how your contours change.  Standing side on can be a lot more flattering and compliment your natural beauty.

The way you carry and move your body influences your body shape so having a good posture will give you a better figure instantly; it is the basis of figure beauty and an attractive body. Stand up straight and lift your sternum (breastbone) arch your back slightly so that your bottom sticks out a little bit but not too much.

You can make yourself look slimmer by stretching your body into a bow shape and being careful not to stoop or scrunch yourself up.  Or stand slightly side on to the mirror placing one leg in front of the other; this will give you a very sexy shapely outline indeed.

Or try lying on your stomach propped up by your elbows, this accentuates the curve of your back and the shape of your breasts and at the same time minimizes your stomach.

There are many poses to flatter your natural beauty and make you feel good naked; you just need to experiment until you find the one which suits you best.

A good tip is to spend as much time as you can actually being naked, this will get you used to seeing yourself unclothed and the more you see yourself unclothed, the more being nude will feel natural to you.  If being undressed is unusual for you and it doesn’t feel at all natural you will find it difficult to relax and feel good naked.

Remember to stand up straight and stretch your body to make yourself look slimmer.  It also helps if you learn how to walk seductively by placing one foot in front of the other, as though you are walking a tight rope, and swing your legs from the hips.  I've found this looks extremely elegant and will do wonders for your confidence.


How to Feel Good Naked Tip 3

Thirdly, go for soft lighting, such as candles, tea lights or softly colored light bulbs if you haven't got a dimmer switch, and make sure the lighting is behind you.  This not only has a slimming effect - it will also help to soften your outline and give you a sexy glow.

A soft glow rather than harsh lighting will give your skin an even tone and minimize the appearance of any blemishes.


How to Feel Good Naked Tip 4

Fourthly, taking regular exercise will help keep your body beautifully toned and supple, a thirty-minute walk three times a week will pay many benefits.  Walk at a speed that gets your heart rate up, this will oxygenate your blood and improve your skin, as well as your muscles and heart.  Don't walk so fast that you can't have a conversation at the same time.

A toned and balanced body is extremely beautiful and will make you look and feel good naked, and you don’t need an hourglass figure to achieve this.  Add quality to your movements with muscles that are long and toned and you will appear more balanced and beautiful.


How to Feel Good Naked Tip 5

Finally, the best way to feel good naked is to have confidence in yourself.  If you don't feel it, fake it until you do.  Get to know your own body and accept yourself for who you are and how you look.

We are all individuals and there are no set rules for everyone.  Watch other women and notice how they move, what looks good and what doesn't.  You can learn a lot by watching others.

Someone who is happy in her own skin and behaves in a confident manner is extremely attractive and sexy, regardless of her body shape.

How you feel about yourself is what really counts because this will show in your eyes and natural beauty will radiate from you.


How to Feel Good Naked Tip 6

If, after all this, you still don’t feel good naked then take it in stages. You don’t have to bare all, all at once, you can treat yourself to some new sexy underwear that shows off your curves but still covers your dignity.

Sexy underwear can make you feel incredibly sexy and you will look sexy too. If you want to feel good naked then it is important that you build up your confidence and feel good about your body.

Sexy underwear and accessories can help you do this in stages.

Some women love thongs while others hate them, stay within your comfort zone because there are plenty of other styles to choose from and if you feel uncomfortable about wearing thongs then they will spoil the effect.


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