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Flat Stomach Secrets

Flat stomach secrets to help you look fantastic in anything you wear.

Flat stomach secrets to help you look fantastic in anything you wear.
Flat Stomach Secrets

If you’ve tried dieting to get that elusive flat stomach then you are probably fed up with being taking in by all the myths and lies around these days. So far nothing has worked and you are still left feeling self conscious and unhappy about how you look.

Maybe you love the thought of wearing pencil skirts or tight jeans but your tummy just makes every outfit you try look wrong on you. It’s so frustrating.

I know how you feel. Believe me, over the years I have often felt the same, whether it’s down to bloating, fat, eating the wrong food or following the wrong advice, belly fat can be a devil to get rid of.

Do you find no matter what you eat you just can’t seem to budge that stubborn fat around your tummy? Yet you know, if you could only have a flat stomach, you would look great in everything you wear.

To help you get there, I have 7 flat stomach secrets to share with you. These little adjustments helped me to get the firm, flat stomach I was looking for.

Try these 7 flat stomach secrets, boost your metabolism and get the flat stomach you’ve been longing for. You can ditch the fad diets and skip the aerobics classes because you don’t need them. All you need to do is follow these simple tips and you will soon be able to show off your toned, firm, flat stomach.


Drink water before and after each meal. This helps to flush out toxins but it also expands the food you have eaten and helps to fill you up more. This will help you to eat less and ultimately shrink your stomach so that you won’t need so much food to feel satisfied.



Exercise every day to help burn off calories and strengthen your core muscles. Concentrate on resistance training and ignore the myths about spot reduction and cardio being the best method for sculpting your mid section and giving you the flat stomach you are trying to achieve. Yes, spot reduction is a myth. Think about it - have you ever met someone with a flat stomach and fat arms? No, neither have I. If spot reduction was truly possible then we would see countless people walking around with toned and tightened stomachs, but still sporting fat flabby arms and legs. It doesn’t happen like that. And long hours of cardio will do nothing to flatten your tummy. You need short, sharp workouts that get progressively harder.

Resistance training (strength training) is a flat stomach's best friend because not only does an effective resistance training session burn plenty of calories while you're doing it, but it keeps your metabolism revved long after you've finished. One recent study showed that your metabolism can stay elevated for over 36 hours following a resistance training session.

The lean muscle that you gain will raise your resting metabolic rate and help you burn fat all day long, each and every day.



Never eat within 3 or 4 hours of going to bed. While you are sleeping your body is carrying out maintenance and repairs and using all the nutrients you have eaten and digested throughout the day. If you eat late then your body’s natural renewal program is disrupted and you may find that food is not properly digested. Because of this you may have indigestion and the food’s nutrients may not be used efficiently and are likely to be stored as fat. When we fall asleep, breathing is diminished, blood pressure falls, and our heart slows down. Our temperature drops and our digestive juices and saliva decrease. Eating late at night will only give your body calories it cannot use, or stimulate your digestive system so that sleep becomes impossible. Indeed, sleepless nights are often caused by eating or drinking too close to bedtime. For best results you should always go to bed with an empty stomach even if you feel hungry.



Don’t wear loose clothing to hide your stomach. Clothes that fit well will make you more aware of your body shape and you will be more inclined to stand up straight and hold your stomach in. This can strengthen your stomach muscles and the more you do it, the stronger they will get. Holding your stomach in will make you look and feel slimmer. Wearing loose clothes will encourage weak muscles and the tendency to slouch about, and, you are more likely to try and fill them up by over eating because you have plenty of room. It’s a mental trick our minds play on us and this will sabotage your hopes of ever getting a flat stomach.



Avoid sugar and sugary foods. Sugar causes sugar spikes of energy which will make you feel on top of the world for a few minutes but then you will crash and probably feel worse than you did before you had the sugar.

Sugar can also cause bloating because your body will try to dilute the sugar and flush it out. These days, sugar is the number one enemy of good nutrition and sugar supplies about 25 per cent of an average diet in the Western world. Sugar was unknown to man until 200 years ago, so the body handles it as a foreign substance.

In nature sugar is packaged with vitamins and minerals - in fruit as fructose and in vegetables as starch. The refined product we know as sugar is straight sucrose, which the body absorbs much faster than natural sugars, and because it is so similar to blood sugar, which has already been metabolised into glucose, refined sugar escapes the body’s processing action. The body is forced to use its vitamins and minerals and acids to fight the invasion, and this surge of activity can lower blood sugar and body energy levels leaving one tired, mentally slow, irritable, and susceptible to disease.

Keeping your blood sugar stable is one of the most important factors when it comes to burning off belly fat and getting a firm, flat stomach.

The odd sweet or chocolate bar gives an initial spurt due to an acceleration of your metabolism, but shortly afterwards you will be more depleted than ever. Substitute honey for sugar; brown sugar is next best.



Eat smaller portions more often. The theory behind this is; although our stomachs are quite small (normally the size of your fist) they are extremely elastic and will stretch to accommodate even the biggest meal. Just because you can eat that huge burger, fries and milkshake in one go doesn’t mean you should. If you want to have a flat stomach then you will need to be sensible about how much food you try to eat in one sitting. Eating small portions regularly will encourage you to not stretch your stomach so that it remains fairly small and flat. Call it grazing, if you like. This way you will never feel hungry to the point where you’ll be tempted to over indulge.

Another reason is eating small amounts every 2-3 hours helps to keep your blood sugar stable. If you want your body to burn calories all day long then you must feed it regularly, but in small amounts.



Try a liquid diet for a few days. If you want to get a flat stomach for a specific date or special function then try to take all your food in liquid form. Please note: I am not advocating you live on tea, coffee, alcohol or water because you still need all your nutrients but you can have homemade soup made from natural ingredients, protein drinks, natural yoghurt and homemade smoothies without the sugar or fat, etc for 2 or 3 days prior to the event to give you an amazingly flat stomach.


These flat stomach secrets will help you. However, not everyone knows enough about nutrition, how their body works, or the most effective forms of exercise. If you are not happy with your progress so far maybe you should consider enlisting the help of a qualified professional who has experience in helping others meet their goals.

Don't rely on the kind of information you find in women's magazines. A qualified professional can help you get that flat stomach in less time that you can on your own.

Holly Rigsby is an expert in this field and she has helped thousands of women, just like you, regain their figure. Although Holly focuses on helping women of all ages get a flat stomach after pregnancy, her methods will work for you even if you haven’t had any children. So don’t feel she can’t help you if you have never been pregnant. She can.

You won’t have to spend hours doing boring cardio either because Holly recommends only working out for 15 minutes a day to get amazing results. Holly shows you how to eat supportively as well so that your body is able to lose fat and build firm muscles, eating supportively isn't about dieting or deprivation; it's about moderation and balance.

Holly says: “Eating supportively is having protein and carbohydrates at every meal. It's grazing on 4-6 meals or snacks each day instead of missing meals and then gorging yourself. It's enjoying a healthy breakfast and not drinking your calories. But most of all, eating supportively is enjoying the foods you love in moderation instead of in excess.”

Holly will also show you how to use resistance training to build lean muscle and raise you're resting metabolic rate so you can burn fat all day long, not just while you’re exercising.

If you can invest just 15 minutes of your time every day Holly will help you to boost your self esteem and lose your unsightly stomach so you can feel sexy again.

Holly has devised her own system because she found it so hard to regain her own pre baby shape. Once she stumbled across the solution she immediately wanted to share it with as many women as she could to find out if her methods would work for other women too. They did.

Holly confirms that resistance training has given her the flat stomach she needed to feel good about herself again and also to have the confidence to get back into her bikini.

Holly says: “I am very passionate about what I have to offer and to those I help. If you have followed me for any amount of time, you know I go above and beyond to give something more than a workout video or a downloadable ebook. Getting results is more than just being a number, it is changing the way you think about yourself and the way you live your life. To achieve such changes requires the support, motivation and coaching from someone who gets it and someone who cares. This is why I put myself out there and do what I do.”

If you would like to find out more about Holly and discover how she can help you get the flat stomach you desire, visit her website at

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