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Fitness Beauties - It's Not Always What You Think

By Wendy Pan

You see them in fashion magazines, fitness magazines and health magazines - beautiful, ideally "fit" and gorgeous-looking fitness beauties.

But are they to be envied?

These models you see in magazines, on television or other media aren't always the "ideal" or the norm, nor are they always society's version of what is beautiful or "fit," although fashion and health magazines would have you to believe so.

Beauty and fitness aren't always what society considers "beautiful" or "fit."

Healthy is beautiful, regardless of actual physical beauty or attractiveness.

When a person takes good care of their personal appearance through grooming, good lifestyle choices, healthy and nutritious eating and following a fitness regimen - this is beautiful, it makes the person beautiful, and this is what should really define those who are so-called "fitness beauties."

Photo from Flickr by Joel_Nelson_Nilsson

Healthy is beautiful

It's not about the extent of muscle-definition, how much weight-training one does, how many miles a day one runs, etc - it's about making healthy life-style and nutrition choices, and following some sort of exercise program.

When one makes healthy choices for themselves, and dedicates themselves to a healthy life, they raise their self-esteem. Self-esteem is also beautiful.

But by the same token, instead of feeling envy or jealousy when seeing beautiful, "optimally fit" people in magazines, movies, newspapers or other media - applaud their dedication and their ability to stay on the right track with staying fit.

Learn to view yourself as beautiful

Fitness beauties work very hard to maintain their levels of fitness and make those healthy choices, unlike the average person, their financial well-being depends on their looks and their ability to maintain them.

When society stops pushing the "ideal" rather than the "norm" where looks, beauty and fitness are concerned - average people might actually begin to view themselves in a different light and learn to view themselves as beautiful.

One should be proud of themselves for any changes that they make and maintain in their lives to become healthy and fit, and even if they sometimes "mess up" when following new diets, exercise programs or other healthy choices - believe and understand that tomorrow is another day, and each day of effort is better than none at all and getting them one step closer to their goals.

An image to "aspire" to

Fitness beauties are an "ideal" and an image to "aspire" to, but they aren't society's average persons.

They work very hard to maintain their fitness levels, their good looks, and their lifestyles.

Again, if they don't, their financial well-being is lost - because their income depends on their bodies.

Better to be the "Average Joe"

It's much better to be the "Average Joe" making healthy choices and becoming an "average" model of fitness, than struggling and practically killing themselves to fit into some sort of "ideal" that has been thrown at them by the media.

The bottom line - health, wellness and fitness are all very hard work, they require making constant healthy choices and require that one stay motivated and dedicated to those lifestyle changes.

But being healthy and fit has nothing to do with looking like a fitness model or any other type of model, it's about being as healthy as possible and being comfortable with your own skin.

Wendy Pan is an accomplished niche website developer and author. To learn more about fitness beauties [], please visit Fitness Book Review Site [] for current articles and discussions.

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