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Eyebrow Shaping Beauty Tips

How To Shape Eyebrows

Eyebrow Shaping Beauty Tips

Eyebrows help to frame your face by giving expression and balance. Although shaping eyebrows requires grooming and definition, try not to alter their basic shape.

When shaping eyebrows it’s best to just carefully remove a few eyebrow hairs a day and take it slowly because eyebrow hairs can be temperamental, once removed they may never grow back again.

If you make a mistake while shaping eyebrows there’s a good chance you will have to live with it for the rest of your life. Or at least wait until the missing hairs grow back again.

Below you will find a collection of 4 videos to help you shape your eyebrows and eyebrow shaping tools so you can reach eyebrow perfection.


Eyebrow Shaping

The eyebrow should start at a point above the inside corner of your eye (see image) and the highest point of the arch should be above the outer rim of your iris.

Take care when shaping your eyebrows that the arch is gentle and the end of the eyebrow is never lower than the beginning.

Your eyebrow should end in line with the diagonal from your nostril to your outer eye corner.

Care should be taken when shaping your eyebrows that you don’t end up with a permanently surprised look about you.



Eyebrow Plucking

When plucking your eyebrows first start by brushing them into shape with an eyebrow brush or a suitable tooth brush. Brush them up first and then across.

Begin by plucking out hairs in between to thin them and then underneath the brow lines to shape them. Pluck with a quick firm tug, when you have finished apply an antiseptic cream to minimize swelling and prevent infection.

For close set eyes, pluck a few more hairs from between your eyes to open them up.

How To Pluck Your Eyebrows


Defining Eyebrows

Eyebrows can be defined with either an eyebrow pencil or brush-on powder. The eyebrow pencil must be sharp and you should apply it in short diagonal, upward strokes that resemble hairs. The brush-on powder application has a special slanted edge, especially for eyebrows, and you should use short feathery strokes.

Remember, color always looks darker on your eyebrows, so always choose a lighter shade than your own natural color. Dark brown is better that black on dark eyebrows and light brown is better for fair hair.

If you have unruly eyebrows that resist your efforts to keep them tidy, try spraying a small amount of hairspray onto an eyebrow brush and brushing them into place. This way the hairspray will hold the eyebrow hairs in place. Never spray hairspray directly onto your eyebrows.


How To Define Eyebrows If You Are Over 40


Eyebrow Waxing

An alternative to plucking your eyebrows is to wax them, but wax can be extremely tricky because it’s very hard to get an accurate shape. Eyebrow waxing is best left to the professionals but if you feel brave this video guides you through the steps of how to do it yourself.


Eyebrow Threading

Originating from the middle east and India, threading is the ancient art of hair removal. If you have never used eyebrow threading it is best to go to a beauty salon and have it done for you by a professional, it only takes a few minutes.

With only some cotton thread, this video will show you how to have your eyebrows threaded.

How To Thread Eyebrows


Eye Brow Shaping Tools For Perfect Eye Brows

Shavata Eyebrow Shaping Kit

Shavata Eyebrow Shaping Kit

A stencil kit that helps you to create the perfect arch every time by either filling in or tweezing around the stencil.

By simply shading and or tweezing using the eyebrow stencil, you can create the perfect eye brows.

Shavata Eyebrow Shaping Kit


TIGI Bed Head Power Tools Brow Pencil & Brush in One

TIGI Bed Head Power Tools Brow Pencil & Brush in One

Get control and take back the power over those eye brows!

Fill in the blanks with this eye brow pencil and blending brush in one. The pencil comes in two perfect colours, brunette and blonde.

TIGI Bed Head Power Tools Brow Pencil & Brush in One


Shavata Brow Perfector Compact

Shavata Brow Perfector Compact

Three eye brow shadows in a sleek compact that can be used individually or together to create the perfect shade when enhancing your eye brows.

The powders tint the skin and hair giving a more natural finish than a pencil.

Shavata Brow Perfector Compact



Eye Makeup Tips for Beautiful Eyes

Smokey Eye Makeup

A Step by Step Guide to Sexy Smokey Eye Makeup

Remember when choosing eye shadow shades that colors should be chosen keeping in mind your eye color, hair color and skin tone and not the color of the clothes you wear. For smokey eye makeup you will need to choose 2 color coordinated eye shadows. A darker feature color and a lighter supporting color.

Smokey Eye Makeup


Smokey Eye Makeup Videos

Step by Step Video Guides to Sexy Smokey Eye Makeup

Now you can master the sexy smokey eye look by following these step by step video guides for professional looking smokey eyes. Choose from smokey eyes for all occasions.

Smokey Eye Makeup Videos


Beautiful Eyes Made Easy - Eye Makeup Tips

What eye shadow shades work for you will be influenced by your skin tone, hair color and, most importantly, your eye color. But the eye shadow shades you choose should ultimately be decided by your personal style, what looks good and feels right to you.

Beautiful Eyes Made Easy - Eye Makeup Tips


Beautiful Eyes

If you have naturally beautiful eyes they will be the first thing people notice about you.

Enhance the natural beauty of your eyes by looking after them, healthy eyes should have a bluish tinge to the whites and sparkle with moisture.

Beautiful Eyes

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Shavata eyebrow shaping kit creates perfect eyebrows
Eyebrow Shaping Kit
Shavata eyebrow shaping kit - A stencil kit that helps you to create the perfect arch every time.
Create Perfect Eyebrows

A stencil kit that helps you to create the perfect arch every time by either filling in or tweezing around the stencil.

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